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Application format for incentive grants

Applications should take the form of a research proposal for each proposed paper. This should include: 

  • the topic 
  • the specific knowledge gap that the research is directed towards (with explicit reference to relevant sections of our three gaps documents) 
  • clarification on the following question: what is the contribution that the proposed research will make to filling the particular knowledge gap? 
  • the resultant focused research questions 
  • data and research methods 
  • expected outputs 
  • the researcher(s) involved, her/his qualifications, interests, expertise, experience and track record (e.g. research output) in the relevant area 
  • time-frame; for example, 8-12 months or , 2 years 

Applications may also include the following information: 

  • sequencing and prioritisation (relative to a researcher's other submissions, if any) 
  • an indication of whether this is new or ongoing research 
  • other funding 
  • other relevant information.