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A simple application process

The general application process is quick and (relatively) painless:  

  • No budgets or complex project planning information are required. Our grants do not fund research expenses, rather they serve to incentivise researchers to work on topics and gaps identified under the three focus areas. We release approximately 40% of the value of the grant to researcher upon approval of the proposal and signing of the grant agreement. The balance is paid after our acceptance of the research deliverable (a working paper). There is a peer-review process in line with the contract at the end, before the final payment. 
  • For each paper all we require is a proposal outlining a clear topic and research project that seeks to fill an identified knowledge gap. The gaps documents and guidelines for your submission are available from the project office on request. You are welcome to consult with either Murray Leibbrandt (Project Director and Convenor: Income Distribution) or Frederick Fourie (Research Coordinator and Convenor: Unemployment/Employment) or Haroon Bhorat (Convenor: Inclusive Growth) prior to submitting your proposal. 
  • The gaps documents and guidelines on funding, grant and scholarship applications are also available on the Project’s interim website: 
  • We will evaluate submitted proposals and provide you with quick feedback. Once a proposal is approved, a grant agreement (in the form of a contract) will be sent to you directly or via your institution, as applicable. 
  • We do not have formal application deadlines or rounds and proposals can be submitted at any time. The REDI3x3 may from time to time indicate end-of-semester or end-of-year target dates.