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REDI3x3 acknowledges the need to build and develop research infrastructure which directly supports the initiative’s research programme, and which can be of value to the broader research community.

At present, the project supports for the following data infrastructure projects:

Project Title Institution
Employment Data UCT
Earnings Data UCT
Firm Survey Data UCT
Income and Expenditure Data UCT
SLF Micro-Enterprise Dataset UCT
Creating a Harmonised Survey of Employers and Self-employed dataset UCT


Research Projects

Through its funding mechanisms, the project currently supports the following projects:

Project Leader Institution Project Title
Burger, Philippe UFS Macroeconomic Policy and SA
Charman, Andrew Sustainable
Informal Self-employment in the Township
Context: A Case Study of Four Cape Town
Kraak, André Wits Can NGO intermediaries play a positive role in enabling employment in the SA labour market?
Nattrass, Nicoli UCT Labour-market policy and employment:
Lessons from the low-clothing industry
Seekings, Jeremy UCT Cultural and Psychological Aspects of
Labour Market Behaviour Among Less
Skilled People in Cape Town
von Broembsen,
UCT Mapping the distribution of risk, value and
power in retail supply chains: the
implications for job creation
von Fintel, Dieter SU Low Employment in Small Firms in a High
Wage Regime: the South African Wage
Curve and Wage Subsidies
Posel, Dorrit UKZN Job search and the measurement of
unemployment in South Africa
Turok, Ivan HSRC Informal Urban Settlements, Mobility and
Inclusive Growth